CRM system for business

Managing clients from request to sale

No credit card required.

All data in one place

Available from any device and at any time.

Customer base

Create a single customer base of the company. Answer customers ' questions and notify them of updates.


Record all events when working with clients. Leave comments, attach files, and set tasks.

Sales funnels

Divide the process into stages and improve it with the help of Analytics. Keep up to date with the current situation in the company.

Complete set

CRM has basic business tools so that you can start working properly right away.


Plan your employees ' business for the week or set reminders so that you don't miss an important call.


Data about all employee activities for the period on a single screen. You don't need to make reports in Excel anymore.

For all companies

There are no workplace payments in DaCRM. Use the system yourself, connect the sales Department or the entire company at once. The system will remain free of charge.


You get all the main services to work for free: a full-fledged CRM, task Manager and Analytics. You can start working right away.

No hidden fees

There is no need to pay for installation, training or consulting. You can implement DaCRM yourself in half an hour: register, add colleagues, and get started.


Forever. For all companies.

Unlimited clients

Unlimited transactions

Unlimited employees





Add new features to your free CRM. Pay only for what you need.

Integration with telephony


Connect the cloud PBX to DaCRM. Call customers in one click and listen to recordings of conversations.

SMS mailing lists

3 $ per month

Send SMS messages to your clients so that they don't forget about you.

API access

9 $ per month

Enable API access and integrate DaCRM with any services yourself.

Start working with DaCRM right now

CRM for free. Forever.

Getting started is easy

We have simplified everything so that everyone can understand without problems. If there are difficulties, our support will be happy to help.

Not enough time?

To start using DaCRM, simply register. You will immediately get access to all the features, forever.

There are specific business?

You can configure DaCRM for your own processes. Add stages to the sales funnel or fields to the customer profile, and so on.

Is there another CRM?

We have imports, so you can move from another system for a time or two. If you don't like something, you can export it.